Mapping Your Future: Surviving the unexpected


Surviving the unexpected

By Catherine Mueller

April 01, 2022

You've probably seen the viral video.

No, not this week's viral video of the slap at the Hollywood awards ceremony, which was apparently unscripted. I'm talking about last week's viral video of the 16-year-old, whose truck was flipped by a tornado on a Texas highway. The weather forecast may have predicted some bad weather but exactly if, when, and where a tornado could strike is unknown.

The surprising thing about that video was not the sudden tornado, but how the driver, once the truck was back on four wheels, just kept driving.

Although not as drastic as a tornado, we all have unexpected events in our lives, which turn things upside down.

What is truly astonishing is having the composure to handle those events, to persevere, and to keep moving forward.